Get running job name from sysprocesses

Get the substring of the running job from sysprocess .. have filtered out generic refresher ETC

select substring(program_name,55,7) ‘to search’
from master..sysprocesses
where program_name like ‘%agent%’ and program_name not like ‘%DatabaseMail – SQLAGENT -%’
and program_name not in (‘SQLAgent – Alert Engine’,’SQLAgent – Generic Refresher’,’SQLAgent – Email Logger’,’SQLAgent – Job invocation engine’,’SQLAgent – Job Manager’)

output will be similar to below

Output :

to search

Get the job details from MSDB database by using the results you got from above query and replace them in where clause

select *
from msdb..sysjobs
where job_id like ‘%A68D437%’


if you have more than one job running replace below job_id %strings%

select *
from msdb..sysjobs
where job_id like ‘%A68D437%’ or job_id like ‘%4E742EB%’ or job_id like ‘%FAEDF18%’


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